Islamic law
Legislation in Dubai - UAE

Will intro the Islamic Law

Succession in Dubai has always been a sensitive issue for expats. Even though local regulations apparently allow the application of the resident’s national law, the uncertainty of the relevant articles has led local courts to not always grant the foreign treatment over the Islamic Law. AS A CONSEQUENCE: An important number of residents opted to

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Legal ilegal
Business in Dubai

Labour law in EAU

Its deserved condition of hub in the Middle East makes the United Arab Emirates an attractive destination for companies that wish to set up a stable and fruitful presence in the region. While building up and consolidating a business in UAE, managers must consider several aspects to ensure the correct day-by-day functioning of their company.

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Visa in Spain

VISA options in Spain

1 – Residency Visas for Entrepreneurs and Business Activities (REM): Create a Spanish company Present a business and entrepreneurial innovative project that meets general and economic interests to Spain GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. See below** TIME-LIMIT The Residence Visa is sufficient to reside in Spain for one (1) year without having to obtain a foreign identity card.

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