Coronavirus in the UAE – Force Majeure or Hardship?

The coronavirus is the undefeatable proof that we live in a globalized world.  There’s uncertainty as to whether the Covid-19 will be treated under Article 273 (which regulates Force Majeure contentions) or Article 249 (which covers hardship circumstances) of the UAE Civil Code.  In very brief, the key decision maker will be to assess whether

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Can the ongoing coronavirus-led limitations impact signed UAE labor contracts?

The coronavirus is having a global legal impact. We have received a number of parallel inquiries with respect to postponements or cancellations of offer letters or unofficial labor contracts set to start imminently.  Employees are left with an announced departing date at previous positions and a postponement of months prior to supposedly start the position.

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Viajar a España y hacer negocio en España es cada vez más habitual por el atractivo del país en términos de cultura, ubicación, clima, el factor Schengen y la inestabilidad en otras zonas carentes de seguridad jurídica y estabilidad política.  La inmensa mayoría de nuestros clientes llegan a España a bordo de vuelos Emirates provenientes

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Do I need to apply for a visa before visiting Egypt?

When visiting Egypt all foreign nationals must consider applying for an Egyptian visa.  There are only 9 countries worldwide that can visit Egypt without any type of visa. These countries are: Bahrain  Hong Kong Kuwait Lebanon Macao Oman Saudi Arabia UAE Malaysia If you do not have a passport issued from the countries stated above you will need to

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VISA options in Spain

1 – Residency Visas for Entrepreneurs and Business Activities (REM): Create a Spanish company Present a business and entrepreneurial innovative project that meets general and economic interests to Spain GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. See below** TIME-LIMIT The Residence Visa is sufficient to reside in Spain for one (1) year without having to obtain a foreign identity card.

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