The UAE has announced visa changes and improvements with a humanitarian character.

Employees, divorced, widowed, dependents and entrepreneurs get time support in transition times.

Below the specifics.

Employees & Divorced & Widowed

Employees who lose their Jobs or divorced people will have 180 days to find a new jobo r solution to their non-visa status. This is 6 times more tan the 30 days available prior to the announcement of te measure.

Widows will also have 180 days to secure a visa to stay in the country or wrap up afairs in the jurisdiction before heading out.

Dependent’s Visas        

Until the announcement before us parents could only sponsor kids up to 18 years of age. From now on they will be able to continue to do so up until they are 25 years old.

The UAE hence takes a humanitarian realistic stand in response to the needs of their residents.

As with every legal announcement loads rests to be said: timings for execution, practicalities, etc. We will be happy to report them as they unveil.

Green Business

On the business side green visas will benefit entrepreneurs holding such visas to stay in the country during half a year on termination of the visas. This may be covered under the new freelance scheme to be released.

Golden visa versus Green Visa – Differentiation

Whereas the Golden Visa aims to protect skilled employees and investors supporting the UAE and contributing to the country during the difficult pandemic times, green visas target skilled workers, investors, entrepreneurs, outstanding students, and talented graduates and the visa will allow them to stay 180 days after their expiry.

In our opinion this constitutes a reasonable improvement meeting the requirements of the UAE residents. Bravo UAE!

We will continue to update you on this announcement as there are important angles that require complementation.

*This publication has informative character without intending to be legal advice.