Non lucrative Visa for Spain – Introduction

A Non lucrative Visa for Spain is a highly pursued application.

The current global changes with an increased mobility, global retirees, work flexibility and increasing living costs around the globe make looking for alternative residences not a rare search.

Spain offers high quality of life standards at reduced costs of living when compared to other countries, specially to the United Arab Emirates, making this visa highly wanted.

The purpose of this post is for interested applicants to become acquainted with the process, the timings and the costs involved in the application.

What is a Non Lucrative Visa for Spain? Why to apply for one?

A Non Lucrative Visa for Spain allows successful applicants to move freely within the UAE without the need to invest in Spain. They are further allowed to bring their family with them, and should the need arise, be able to convert to a work permit – even if the non-lucrative visa does not allow to conduct work.

The visa has an initial duration of 1 year. After this initial year, applicants can seek renewal for two additional years, and then permanent residency can be applied for.

Who can apply for a Non Lucrative Visa for Spain?

In order to be able to apply, potential applicants will need to meet all of the following requirements:

  1. Not be EU Citizen.
  2. Not be irregular in Spanish Land.
  3. Absence of Police records in Spain and in the last country of residence.
  4. Not have forbidden entry in Spain.
  5. Wealth
  6. Having a health insurance with coverage in Spain.
  7. Not have any illness that are classified dangerous for the public health in Spain.


In preparation of the application for a Non Lucrative Visa for Spain, applicants will need to prepare:

  • Filling of Official form We provide our clients with these documents as soon as we get started with the application.
  • Ensure that applicant/s Passport will have at least one year of validity at the time of the application and meeting. We tend to recommend 2 years to be on safe side.
  • Police Clearance Certificate in UAE. (negative certificate). The certificate will need to be legalized and translated.
  • Medical certificate. The certificate will need to be legalized and translated.
  • Document of medical insurance for Spain without any copay. Costs of this insurance vary by age and pre-existing health conditions.
  • Documents to prove the wealth: certificate bank statements, properties, shares, etc. Applicants will need to prove they have passive earnings of EUR 2,150 per applicant or EUR 2,700 per two applicants (if spouses). Applicants could also evidence that they have savings totaling the required figure for the year (i.e. EUR 2,150 x 12 if single applicants or EUR 2,700 x 12 if couples applicants)
  • Marriage Certificate legalized and translated (for the event of couples applying)

Once this information has been compiled it is very helpful to conduct a first-round revision to ensure that all is in place anticipating potential follow ups questions by the Spanish Consulate in the UAE (or in country of residence). On successful completion of the revision our team finalizes the application with the Consulate.

If the decision is positive, the applicants will collect the Non Lucrative Visa for Spain (within one month) and they will travel to Spain in the delimitated time specified in the visa. Once they reach Spain they will have to apply for ID Residency card with the Immigration Office of jurisdiction Spain.

The Spanish Consulate has 3 months to respond to the application. Usually they reply sooner (subject to work overload) in approximately 30-45 days.

 How Much?

Costs should keep the following approximate costs in mind when applying in the UAE:

  • Application itself – EUR 75
  • Spanish Residency ID Card – EUR 25
  • Health Insurance annual cost cay vary based on health conditions and age of applicant. We tend to get quotes for our clients with different options.
  • Medical Certificate – AED 500 approx
  • Police Certificate – AED 500 approx
  • Translations and Legalizations – Legalization per document AED 200. Translations depend on length and language. We can always pre-quote with registered translators as they must bear translator’s stamp.

We trust that the above is of help in your initial considerations to apply for Non-Lucrative Visa for Spain. You may click here to view a video of our Managing Partner about Schengen visas. Lastly you may also visit our website publications here to learn more about UAE law and its connections to Spain.

**This publication is not intended as legal opinion but rather as a general application publication. We recommend that you obtain personalized legal advice from experienced firms.