Finding a competent real estate agent in Dubai is crucial for several reasons, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and successful real estate transaction. This is very important when investing in a foreign country with local idiosyncracies as the Dubai real estate market faces. A competent real estate agent helps detect risks, minimizes timings to protect potential penalties, anticipates the differences between different transactions.

Finding a competent and reliable real estate agent in Dubai is not easy. Making it a long lasting successful profession is not easy nor available to most.

The purpose of this publications is to raise awareness on the importance of having a professional real estate agent and the ideal legal parallel support. This is because most of the real estate disputes that we observe could have been easily avoided by a competent real estate agent in Dubai.

Functions of a real estate agent in Dubai

A real estate agent in Dubai performs various functions to facilitate the buying, selling, leasing, and managing of properties. Here are the primary functions of a real estate agent in Dubai:

Property Listings and Marketing

Listing Properties: Listing properties for sale or rent on various platforms (specially Dubbizle and Property Finder) and marketing channels.

Marketing Strategies: Creating marketing strategies, including digital marketing, social media campaigns, and traditional advertising methods.

Professional Photography: Arranging professional photography and videography for property listings.

Client Representation by a real estate agent in Dubai

Real estate agents in Dubai will represent the different parties in real estate transactions:

Buyer Representation: Assisting buyers in finding suitable properties that meet their requirements and budget.

Seller Representation: Helping sellers price their properties, preparing them for sale, and negotiating offers.

Tenant Representation: Assisting tenants in finding rental properties and negotiating lease terms.

Landlord Representation: Helping landlords find suitable tenants and manage leasing agreements.

Market Analysis and Valuation by a reliable real estate agent in Dubai

If you are thinking to buy, sell or renting properties, it is crucial that they real estate agent that will support you will conduct market research to understand current property trends and pricing. This is key to avoid losing money nor time. For example if you wish to buy your dream home it is important that someone gives you the absolute red offer line or if you are looking to rent your property you get it out for rent at the right price to avoid months of losing the potential rent return.

Legal and Documentation Assistance by a real estate agent in Dubai

Dubai’s compliance is significant. Dubai real estate agents should ensure that all transactions comply with Dubai’s real estate laws and regulations. Likewise a real estate agent in Dubai will help with the preparation and management of legal documents such as sales contracts (Form F), lease agreements, and title deeds (tenancy agreements and Ejari registrations).

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Negotiation and Transaction Management

Negotiating terms and prices on behalf of clients to achieve favorable outcomes is crucial for a real estate agent in Dubai.

Once an offer is accepted a real estate agent in Dubai will need to coordinate ALL aspects of the transaction process, including inspections, appraisals, lockings and unlockings and closing procedures.

Customer Service and Support

A real estate agent should maintain regular communication with clients to keep them informed throughout the transaction process and adress as soon as possible any issues or concerns that arise during the buying, selling, or leasing process.

Advisory Services

Not all real estate agents in Dubai are competent to offer reliable investment advice and advising clients on property investments, including potential returns and risks. They should keep clients informed about market trends, property values, and investment opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance

A real estate agent in Dubai should ensure compliance with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) requirements and maintaining a valid real estate license. The value of a real estate agent that adheres to ethical standards and practices as set by regulatory bodies is crucial to feel in the best or hands.


Real estate agents in Dubai play a crucial role in facilitating real estate transactions and ensuring that clients navigate the market successfully. Their expertise, market knowledge, and professional skills are essential for providing a smooth and efficient experience for buyers, sellers, landlords, and tenants.

If you feel that the above are not being met by your current real estate agent your investment may be at risk. Our 15 years of real estate practice in Dubai helps us evaluating good practices versus the rest. We rest at diposal to help you navigate through real estates transactiosn in Dubai with success including raising the required complaints in the event of bad practices.


We hope this publication will help you understand the expectations at the time of engaging a real estate agent in Dubai and remain available for any questions regarding this post of general application.

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*The information on this page is not intended to be legal advice. This article is intended to provide an initial introduction to the functions and importance of engaging the appropriate real estate agent in Dubai.