Business Plans

Rubert & Partners assists clients in the preparation of business plans developing business ideas. An idea that has worked in the country of origin may need a different approach when entering a new country.

This is of crucial importance in areas with high competition – even if there is high demand! –; as it is the case of the Middle East.

How can I obtain a positive response from investors or the market?

  • A Business Plan is a guide for the entrepreneur, covering:
    Description of the business.
  • Analysis of the market circumstances.
  • Recommended actions.
  • Recommended strategy in terms of promotion, manufacturing, logistics and marketing; along with.
  • **All the information contained in a Market Study and Country Brief.

A Business Plan serves as internal guidance to the entrepreneur. It is an ultimate green light to the business project containing a detailed layout of steps in order to obtain success with the project. In the alternative a Business Plan does stress potential weaknesses of the business concept and selects the aspects that would need improvement prior to making an entry into the market.

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