International Arbitration

Arbitration as alternative resolution method to national courts is relevant nationally and internationally. Arbitrators are able to provide the neutrality, expertise, and the quickness that national courts may not always be able to offer.

Our practitioners are versed in the civil and common law systems having significant expertise on the field from its different angles – the institutional, governmental and private practice. They represent clients in arbitrations in the Middle East and internationally and hear cases as members of Arbitral Tribunals.
We represent a varied range of UAE based and international clients in various UAE court appointed, ad hoc, DIAC, Dubai Municipality, ADCCI, DIFC-LCIA, LMAA, ICC, and UNCITRAL arbitrations.

As brief representation of our engagements, we have successfully represented:

  • International companies against UAE government entities in UNCITRAL arbitrations.
  • A significant number of clients seeking the refund of undelivered real estate projects, and construction-related parties seeking payments in back to back construction schemes.
  • Clients seeking the termination of agency and distributorship agreements with Middle East implications.
  • Interests in shareholding disputes with a mix of European and Middle East connector.

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