Real Estate & asset management

Our real estate team has extensive experience in the drafting of suitable sale and purchase agreements, tenancy agreements and the structuring of real estate holding in the UAE and beyond.

In parallel Rubert & Partners offers open architecture asset management and real estate investment services working closely with a wide array of financial and real estate providers to build, redefine and/or diversify Real Estate Portfolios and/or repump the management of real estate assets offering ad hoc solutions to optimize investments. Possibility to have linked Collateral Lines of Credit.

In brief reference to our engagements, we have successfully and extensively assisted clients in:

  • The structuring of offshore holding structures to mitigate Sharia mandatory provisions.
  • Giving advice to landlords and tenants on their rights and obligations.
  • Representing clients in the purchase or sale procedures of UAE-based real estate.
  • Real estate open architecture with a UAE/Egypt/KSA/Spain connection. 

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