The basic rules is that UAE visa holders must enter the UAE every six months. This ensures the continuity of their visas.

Currently, UAE residents cannot return to the UAE. The reason: the UAE closed borders and airspace on the 25 March 2020.

Hence, what happens to visa holders given that they cannot fly back to the UAE? Will their visas expire?

Good news! The UAE has announced an extension of 3 months to residents visas. However, the UAE Authorities recommend liaising with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The UAE recommends their residents not to book travel arrangements until they receive green light from MOFA.

UAE residents can start contact with MOFA through this link:

In addition, UAE residents should contact UAE Embassies to inform the authority of their situation and ensure that they do the needful to avail of the 3 months extension. This is because the processing and coordination may take time. The sooner the formalities are complied with the sooner that UAE residents will be able to return to the UAE upon the lifting of the ongoing measures.